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Hello again Viewer

So a bit about me. I'm Jack Kirkby and I was born in Kent. I'm an aspiring prop maker with a particular interest in miniature scenery and models.

In my downtime I enjoy a spot of gaming as well as writing and drawing. I hope you enjoy your visit here. Thanks a bunch. - Jack

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Mobile: 07415685134                              

Date of Birth: 24/10/1999                           


Personal Statement

Once my course has finished, I will be looking for work in the props industry. My focus is primarily model making/miniatures and prop weapons and armour, however I have experience in woodworking, metalworking as well as moulding casting and sculpting.


Work Experience

Hobbycraft, Maidstone, Kent (August 2015, unpaid)- general store maintenance and stock replenishment which involved team working and customer services.

Offset Packaging, Aylesford, Kent (August 2017, temporary)- general warehouse duties which involved team working and heavy lifting.

Business Challenge (2017)- Group project for the Hazlitt Theatre to promote their Christmas Pantomime which involved team working, planning and time management.

Northbrook College Theatre (2019)- As part of the degree course I worked on the theatres Ghost, the Musical production as a prop maker working on prop design and construction as well as set painting.

Film Work (2020)- As part of the degree course I was part of a group who worked with director Peter Thorndike making props for his upcoming film, PlaguePits.

B&Q- Customer Advisor, stock replenishment, customer assistance, money handling and minor sales.



Aylesford School Sports College (GCSE):

  • English Language: B

  • English Literature: C

  •  Maths: C

  • Science: C

  • History: C

  • Geography: C

  • Additional Science: C

  • Further Additional Science: C


Maplesden Noakes School (A-Levels):

  • English Literature & Language: E

  • Film Studies: D


Northbrook MET College (University Degree)

  • Prop Making & Special Effects Foundation Degree



  • Miniatures and diorama scenic building- assembling and painting miniatures and creating scenery for them

  • Creative Writing- writing short stories and scripts film/tv as a hobby

  • History (World War II)- I enjoy studying this topic, watching tv programs about it and building models around it



  • Team Working- experienced in working as a group and individually.

  • Crafting tools and material knowledge- Knives/ scalpels, chop/band saws, glues, resin/silicone moulding & casting, wood work/metal work, foam board/craft foam.

  • Attention to detail- I look for every small detail when building models as they are so small and every aspect is noticeable.

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